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With a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) designed by Red Cloud Wireless & Data, it's easy to deliver solid wireless coverage throughout a facility for cellular, Public Safety, WLAN and wireless internet applications.

All DAS systems are unique to the building design, type of technology being used, number of service providers, RF frequency and capacity needs.

An In-Building DAS system is a network of antennas that are strategically placed throughout a building and connected with cabling or fiber to a central location. This central location allows various service providers to connect radios that transmit on designated frequencies.

Distributed Antenna Systems

With all the mobile devices available today, it's pertinent that businesses provide employees and customers with the wireless coverage they expect throughout the facility.

An In-Building DAS system is a network of antennas that are strategically placed throughout a building and connected with cabling or fiber to a central location. This central location allows various service providers to connect radios that transmit on designated frequencies.

The importance of Emergency Responder Radio Coverage was magnified on September 11, 2001 when the World Trade Center was attacked by terrorists. First responders did not have sufficient and reliable communication within the buildings due to the way buildings are constructed (steel, reinforced concrete, low-E glass, etc.).

The National Fire Protection Association passed an ordinance in 2007 mandating that all buildings are required to provide radio coverage for first responders.  The current code can be found in Section 510 of the California Fire Code, and NFPA 1221.  The code is meant for new buildings, as well as existing buildings, but may be determined by your local Authority Having Jurisdiction.

As required by code, Red Cloud has a team of FCC licensed radio testers, design engineers, and integrators focused on Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems (ERRCS).



  • The Challenge

    In-building wireless communication is essential for everyone who enters any building, facility or venue. In most buildings with concrete structures, and/or underground garages, a public safety amplification system will be needed due to the composition of the building.

    In a crisis, receiving notifications and connecting with emergency personnel is critical. It is imperative that communication devices continue to work in all areas of a building, such as stairwells, elevators, and basements. This is why the NFPA & IFC set regulations and work with local municipalities to ensure that requirements are in place that will produce dependable and life-saving communications for emergency responders using UHF, VHF, 700 Mhz/800Mhz frequencies.

    It is acknowledged that the potential lives and property saved by delivering first-responder in-building radio coverage far outweighs the investment required to implement and enforce these ordinances and codes.

  • The Solution

    Due to the building composition challenges, Red Cloud offers a Public Safety Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to ensure law enforcement and first responders are provided with an extremely secure way to stay connected with the vital data they need at the time of an emergency.

    Our systems provide a network of systematically placed antennas connected to coax or fiber-optic cable that delivers guaranteed wireless service within a building or structure. The engineers at Red Cloud are iBwave certified and have years of experience designing Public Safety DAS to ensure that they are installed to meet the highest standards.

  • Design Features

    Wireless Coverage: 99% in areas of “vital importance”/ 90% in other areas
    Equipment Enclosures: Housed in NEMA-4 compliant enclosures
    Minimal Signal Strength: -95 dB is required for adequate coverage
    Battery Backup: Functions for 24 hours on a battery backup
    Testing: Long-term system monitoring available.

  • Results

    Red Cloud will perform grid testing which indicates exactly which areas will need to be covered by the system. Red Cloud will then design and install a system based on the exact needs of the buildings to ensure adequate frequency coverage requirements meet the local NFPA and municipality guidelines.

    These systems are interchangeably referred to as Public Safety “Distributed Antenna Systems” (DAS), Public Safety “Bi-Directional Amplifiers” (BDAs) or Public Safety “Repeaters”

  • Benefits

    First responders rely increasingly on radio communication devices, and in emergency situations, they cannot afford signal loss or delays. Red Cloud knows that when lives are at stake, every second counts, which is why we make it a priority to design & install high-performance, reliable systems that exceed performance standards.

    Due to the need to have a reliable means of communication to send and receive information, Public Safety DAS are necessary systems for all types of buildings and properties. Building owners can benefit from improving the DAS infrastructure. Not only does improving the DAS for public safety connectivity make the building a safer place should an emergency occur, it can help make the building more reliable to future occupants (and even in future sales)—benefitting business owners financially and competitively in the commercial property market.

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