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The Mission of Red Cloud Wireless is to develop mutually profitable, long-term client relationships by matching businesses and organizations with the wireless tools and services that enable them to reduce costs, control mobile resources, and operate more efficiently.

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We focus on INTEGRITY. Our word is our bond. Nothing less.

We focus on QUALITY. Our offering is consistently the best available alternative to match our client's overall needs. We align ourselves with only the best manufacturers and organizations.

Chief Red Cloud

Chief Red Cloud

Red Cloud Wireless is named for Chief Red Cloud (1822-1909) of the Oglala Lakota Sioux nation.

As a warrior and a statesman, Red Cloud's success in confrontations with the United States government marked him as one of the most important Native American leaders of the nineteenth century.

We are inspired by his example of leadership and perseverance through trying circumstances, and we like his name.

  • “Red Cloud did a superb job in designing the system to allow communication between the 40,000 square foot barrel storage caves, above ground production facilities, and surrounding grounds - a technical challenge.”
    G. E. – President and Winemaker, Far Niente Winery
    California, US
  • I started working with Red Cloud a few years ago. I use them exclusively now for our two-way radio needs. We have many departments at our location, and we use a total of about 100 two-way radios. They have done an excellent job.
    V. J. – Ikea
    Emeryville, CA
  • As a customer of Red Cloud Wireless Voice & Data, I can honestly say that I am extremely pleased with the customer support they offer. On many occasions, they have gone out of their way to meet our needs & support our operation.
    M. R. – American Presidents Line
    California, US
  • I know first-hand the essential role communication plays in providing a quality event. Whether it is a swim meet for 80 athletes, or a 63 team basketball tourney, Red Cloud provides me top-notch communication equipment.
    K. R. – Special Olyimpics
    Northern California

Trusted by thousands of customers throughout California.

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