Red Cloud Two Way Radio

Two Way Radio

Reliable Communications for Any Event

Two Way Radio Rentals are ideal for corporate meetings, conventions, tours, and public events of all sizes and flavors.

Red Cloud Two Way Radio

Two Way Radio

Event Managers, Tour Guides and Directors, Audio/Visual staffs, and Film Producers all spend a considerable amount of time and effort managing a staff and operations that can cover wide areas where radios become critical.

Radio communications keep an event organized and together, as a cost-effective and labor-saving management tool.

Rental Case Study:

Problem: A local stadium venue manager was utilizing over 300 radios to manage a large sporting event and they required that their radio communications be professionally managed and run flawlessly.

Red Cloud Solution: Red Cloud staff was able to provide expert On-Site Support for the duration of this customer's event. Red Cloud personnel were able to perform all check-in / check-out of radios and accessories, maintain a stock of charged replacement batteries, and have the ability to diagnose and repair or replace any malfunctioning equipment.

Results: With dedicated Red Cloud On-Site Support the communications for this event surpassed the customer's expectations. All equipment performed to specification and no equipment was lost or missing at the end of the event. Best of all, the customer had the peace of mind of knowing that the vital communications component of their event was being handled by professionals.

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