SkyGuard Protection by Red Cloud™

Cutting-Edge Patented Technology: SkyGuard Protection by Red Cloud™ is built on patented technology that combines advanced surge protection and EMP shielding, offering a robust and reliable defense for your valuable infrastructure.

Comprehensive Protection: Our system effectively neutralizes lightning-induced surges and electromagnetic pulses, preventing potential damage to your sensitive equipment and data.

Seamless Integration: SkyGuard Protection by Red Cloud™ seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure, requiring minimal modifications. Our team of experts can ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation process, tailored to your specific requirements.

Optional 24/7 Monitoring and Alerts: Rest easy knowing that the SkyGuard Protection by Red Cloud Solution™ can continuously monitor your system’s status. In the event of a lightning strike or EMP, the system can promptly alert your designated personnel, allowing for swift action.

Cost-Effective Solution: By safeguarding your infrastructure with the SkyGuard Protection by Red Cloud Solution™, you significantly reduce the risk of costly downtime, equipment replacement, and data loss. It’s a wise investment that pays for itself.

Protection For

Data Centers: Ensure your data remains safe and accessible, providing uninterrupted services to your clients.

Hospitals: Protect critical medical equipment and patient data, keeping your facility fully operational during emergencies.

High-Rise Buildings: Safeguard occupants, elevators, and essential systems from lightning-related disruptions.

Warehouses: Preserve inventory, automation systems, and warehouse management processes from lightning strikes and EMPs.

Campuses: Ensure seamless communication, safety, and data integrity across your educational or corporate campus.

Be Sure You Are Protected

With over 40 million lightning strikes hitting the ground each year, the risk of damage to buildings cannot be underestimated. Due to the sheer frequency and potential hazards associated with lightning strikes, it is important that buildings be protected.

Insufficiently grounded antenna arrays are particularly susceptible to lightning strikes, leading to data loss and equipment damage, disrupting essential communication systems, and causing financial losses. In 2022 alone, lightning-related losses amounted to a staggering $2 billion.

To mitigate these dangers and ensure the safety of occupants and assets, implementing proper lightning protection measures for buildings is not just prudent but imperative.

Lightning Protection

To protect your investment from equipment loss, Red Cloud has developed SkyGuard Protection by Red Cloud.

Using our patented technology, Red Cloud developed a grounding solution that stops lightning and related electromagnetic surges from entering your facility – before it does damage your equipment.

SkyGuard Protection by Red Cloud has been installed on some of the largest buildings in the world.

SkyGuard Protection by Red Cloud – Case Study

Problem: Lightning Strike at Microsoft and Amazon Data Centers; When Microsoft and Amazon data centers in Dublin, IRE Cloud Services was disrupted by a lightning strike in 2011, data center designers took notice. A global internet company had visited their sites all over the world and not one had a proper grounding solution in place for the RF, GPS and Satellite antennas on their data centers. The client approached Red Cloud with the need for a uniform grounding solution for their facilities that would provide lightning protection for RF and GPS systems. It had to be durable, reliable and easy to install by contractors all over the world. Where language might be an issue, simple step by step installation diagrams were a must.

You need lightning protection. Protect your valuable assets from a lightning strike. The SkyGuard Protection by Red Cloud Solution is the most cost effective form of insurance you can put on your building, warehouse, hospital, or data center to protect it from catastrophic loss.