Problem: Lightning Strike at Microsoft and Amazon Data Centers; When Microsoft and Amazon data centers in Dublin, IRE Cloud Services was disrupted by a lightning strike in 2011, data center designers took notice. A global internet company had visited their sites all over the world and not one had a proper grounding solution in place for the RF, GPS and Satellite antennas on their data centers. The client approached Red Cloud with the need for a uniform grounding solution for their facilities that would provide lightning protection for RF and GPS systems. It had to be durable, reliable and easy to install by contractors all over the world. Where language might be an issue, simple step by step installation diagrams were a must.

Red Cloud Solution: As a Motorola R56 Certified company, Red Cloud was able to collaborate with this industry leader and within a few short weeks have a global standard built ready for deployment. This grounding solution addressed the key concern expressed by the client and met Motorola’s stringent requirements for grounding to R56 standards.

Results: This international corporation has been so impressed with the products and the services provided by Red Cloud that they have allowed us to provide the same grounding protections to our clients to meet the need for consistent, standardized grounding solution for antenna arrays.