System Design & Optimizations

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Unmatched Design and Optimization

Red Cloud's trained engineers provide quality network coverage solutions for on-site, facility-wide usage, or larger wide-area coverage needs.
Whether it's the proper identification of a malfunctioning part, a custom antenna re-design for an existing system, or the proper site survey, frequency monitoring and system engineering for a new network.
Red Cloud's RF Design experience is unmatched at optimizing your system for maximum facility penetration.
  • 90-Day Guarantee on all Repairs
  • Repeaters
  • Receivers
  • Antenna Design / Redesign
  • Propagation Studies
  • ROIP
  • 90-Day Guarantee on all Repairs
  • Remote Control

System Design & Optimization Case Study:

Problem: Poor in-building radio coverage had rendered a customer's two-way radio system problematic and ineffective. This customer also had extremely poor in-building cell-phone coverage.

Red Cloud Solution: Red Cloud identified the cause of both problems to be related to the extraordinarily dense concrete and steel construction of their building. Red Cloud designed two systems to resolve this customer's problems. To improve radio coverage we installed a repeater with remote receivers located in multiple areas of the building. Their cellular coverage was improved greatly by engineering and installing a Distributed Antenna System throughout the building.

Results: This customer now enjoys near total building coverage with their two-way radio system, allowing them to operate their business more safely and with greater efficiency. Likewise, their in-building cell coverage has been greatly improved, allowing for greater productivity and employee satisfaction.

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