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Red Cloud Grounding Box

Designing a Data Center requires a vast amount of complex technical knowledge about power supplies, cooling, water resources, geology and technology. Included in design considerations are Safety, Secutity and Protection. Lightning is always a consideration that touches all three concerns and protecting the client investment with an antenna grounding solution can be a problem. Inconsistent results play havoc with safety and reliability of a project your firm has worked so hard to protect. The solution to inconsistent and unreliable results is the Red Cloud Grounding Box. Within the NEMA4 Enclosure and state of the art surge protectors within a grounding protection system compliant with Motorola's stringent R56 Standard the Red Cloud Grounding Box is unsurpassed. A data center constructed five states away will be just as protected as one you have visited in our own state.
Specify the Red Cloud Grounding Solution for your next project and your client is protected from damage by lighting strike.


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