Pre-configured Lightning Protection Solutions

Oct 12 2016

Red Cloud Inc expands with pre-configured antenna lightning protection solutions.

As a Platinum Motorola Partner Red Cloud has long been the “go to” resource for radio communications expertise in Northern California. Working with a global client in need of a standard grounding solution for RF, GPS and Satellite antennas Red Cloud has developed a pre-configured grounding solution to protect personnel and sensitive infrastructure from lightning damage. The RCGB 2.1 and 2.2 (Red Cloud Grounding Box) are now being shipped all over the world to provide uniform grounding safety. This same design is now available for Data Centers, Healthcare facilities and structures with rooftop antennas here in North America.

Long viewed as a threat for the Midwest, South and particularly Florida, changes in weather patterns are bringing this danger to places where lightning risk was not a top concern. A lightning strike this week on the Golden Gate Bridge is indicative of the risk in our own back yard.

Lightning protection for RF, GPS and Satellite antennas installed years go may not meet current standards. Red Cloud offers on site grounding inspections to Northern California locations and grounding reviews for locations further away. Contact us today to make sure your people, systems and infrastructure is protected and safe.

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